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Top Three Clean Energy Sources (Simplified)

1.  Solar Energy

Perhaps we’re being a little biased here but, the sun is our most powerful source of energy. Sunlight, otherwise known as solar energy, has a lot of purposes. This includes heating, lighting and cooling homes and businesses, generating electricity, water heating, and a variety of industrial processes. As a matter of fact, most forms of renewable energy come either directly or indirectly from the sun. For example, heat from the sun causes the wind to blow, which contributes to the growth of trees and other plants that are used for biomass energy. It also plays an essential role in the cycle of evaporation and precipitation that makes hydropower possible.

2.  Hydropower

Water flowing downstream is a powerful force, it is also a renewable resource. Because of evaporation and precipitation water is constantly recharged, then heat from the sun causes water in lakes and oceans to evaporate and form clouds. These clouds create more water in the form of rain or snow, which drains into rivers and streams that flow back to the ocean. Flowing water can be used to power water wheels that drive mechanical processes. The energy of flowing water captured by turbines and generators can be used to generate electricity.

3. Biomass Energy

Biomass is organic matter used for energy purposes. The use of biomass as a source of energy has been important ever since people first began burning wood for cooking and warmth. So much so, that wood is still the most common source of biomass energy. Other bioenergy sources include food crops, grasses and other plants, agricultural and forestry waste, and organic components from municipal and industrial wastes. We can use biomass to produce electricity and as fuel for transportation, or to manufacture products that would otherwise require the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

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