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Energy Efficiency Services

Lighting Systems

Customized design and installation of energy efficient lightening systems for commercial buildings. Retrofit your existing lighting or start fresh. Our lighting solutions are innovative and cost-effective. Lionshead Energy will reduce your energy consumption, resulting in better lit space, costing less to operate.

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Heating & Piping Systems

Oil–to-Gas Conversions: Natural gas currently costs less than heating oil, and natural gas customers avoid maintenance and equipment costs typically associated with oil heat, such as pumps, motors, filters, and permits. Natural gas is a reliable domestic resource, piped directly to your building with no need to rely on deliveries. Pipe Insulation: Low cost & big results. Insulation is essential in reducing wasted energy. For example, one-inch of insulation on SWH (Service Water Heating) pipes could result in a 50% reduction in heat loss during distribution.

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Energy Services Company (ESCO)

We can assist you in choosing a less expensive electricity & gas provider. We offer a number of pricing options, including fixed pricing, which can shield you from big price fluctuations; variable pricing, which is tied to the market price for energy and may fluctuate depending on supply and demand; and indexed or capped pricing mechanisms. The energy field has been de-regulated and we can help you to take advantage. Contact us for information as to how we can connect you with a better energy provider.

Demand Response (DR) Energy Conservation Platform

There are two ways to benefit from a DR solution. Changes in electric usage from one’s normal consumption patterns, in response to changes in the price of electricity over time can result in significant rewards and cost savings. Additionally, some utility companies make incentive payments designed to induce lower electricity use during times of high wholesale market pricing, during times of peak public consumption, or when system reliability is jeopardized. We can assist you in gaining a DR package from your utility provider. Contact us for information as to how we can connect your Utility Company for a DR solution.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is environmentally and financially rewarding for both utilities and consumers. The need to ensure that we have an adequate water supply for the future requires that our water and energy resources be utilized with the highest possible efficiencies.

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HVAC & Refrigeration Systems and Services

Old and inefficient refrigeration and HVAC systems account for huge energy losses, unhealthy interior environments and abnormally high utility bills. Lionshead Energy can assess your present system and design-build your new high-efficiency, money-saving system today.

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Performance Contracting Services

Lionshead Energy experts will identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities in your facility. We will develop engineering designs and specifications for new equipment and mechanicals. We’ll manage the project from design to installation to monitoring, and arrange for financing. Finally, we’ll train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services all while guaranteeing that your savings will cover all project costs.

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Solar Energy Systems (PV)

Lionshead Energy delivers turn-key solar installations for every structure and ground-mount opportunity. Site and Economic Feasibility, Incentives, System Design, Procurement, Installation, Maintenance. Maximize energy savings and ROI, while minimizing or eliminating out-of-pocket costs. Financing & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) and other financial platforms are available for qualified customers.

  1. Solutions to fit your company
  2. Reducing your operating expenses
  3. Increasing your profitability
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"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous contractors and energy consultants. Once such company Lionshead Energy, stands out in my mind as a leader in their field. I would recommend them without hesitation."

– Paige, Co-Owner, Long Island City, NY

"The installation and energy savings have exceeded my expectations. We are proud to be the owners of a Solar PV System…your honesty, integrity, and professionalism was first class."

– Nick, Business Owner, Queens, NY

"I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking solar or energy efficiency services - Lionshead Energy is run with integrity, skill and an expertise in the industry."

– Alexander, Environmental & Structural Engineer, Rockland County, NY