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Heating and Piping Services

Lionshead Energy can save you money by keeping your gas heating system operating cleanly, and with maximum efficiency. We can provide pipe insulation to minimize the loss of heat and energy. For those still needing oil deliveries and tank maintenance, we can convert your old oil-fired system to clean, reliable and safer gas heat. We will gladly provide a free estimate to help restore heat to your building, in the event of system failure.

Full Boiler Installation and Oil-to-Gas Conversions

Don’t go another heating season without first reviewing the current condition of your boiler, and reviewing ways to extend your boiler’s life and have it running more efficiently and economically. Beyond the skyrocketing oil prices, there are many good reasons to convert your heating system from oil to gas. Gas heat is cleaner, it burns more efficiently, it's easier to maintain, it's more convenient, and it doesn't require an unsightly (and potentially environmentally hazardous) storage tank.

Pipe Insulation & Cleaning Services

Wrap up your energy services!

  • Conserve energy by reducing heat loss or gain
  • Control surface temperatures for personnel protection and comfort
  • Facilitates accurate temperature control
  • Prevents condensation on cold surfaces, preventing rust and pipe decay
  • Controls noise, vibration and emissions
  1. Solutions to fit your company
  2. Reducing your operating expenses
  3. Increasing your profitability
  4. Expressing smart energy choices


"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous contractors and energy consultants. Once such company Lionshead Energy, stands out in my mind as a leader in their field. I would recommend them without hesitation."

– Paige, Co-Owner, Long Island City, NY

"The installation and energy savings have exceeded my expectations. We are proud to be the owners of a Solar PV System…your honesty, integrity, and professionalism was first class."

– Nick, Business Owner, Queens, NY

"I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking solar or energy efficiency services - Lionshead Energy is run with integrity, skill and an expertise in the industry."

– Alexander, Environmental & Structural Engineer, Rockland County, NY