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Performance Contracting Services

Lionshead Energy experts will identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities in your facility. We will develop engineering designs and specifications for new equipment and mechanicals. We’ll manage the project from design to installation to monitoring, and arrange for financing. Finally, we’ll train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services all while guaranteeing that your savings will cover all project costs.

Lionshead Energy, as an ESCO (Energy Service Company), will enter into an agreement with your company to identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities and then recommend a package of capital improvements, to be paid for through the savings earned. We will guarantee that savings meet or exceed annual payments, to cover all project costs—usually over a contract term of seven to ten years. If the savings don't materialize, we pay the difference, not you. To ensure savings, we will offer staff training and long-term maintenance services.

Many types of building improvements can be funded through your existing utility budget— new lighting technologies, boilers and chillers, energy management controls, insulated windows, to name a few.

Benefits of Performance Contracting

Better Buildings

By updating or replacing equipment that is old and obsolete with newer, more efficient technologies, you will have higher-quality systems, fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance. When building occupants experience improved lighting, better air quality and more comfortable room temperatures, they are likely to be happier and more productive.

A Wise Investment

Energy performance contracting allows you to divert funds that would be spent on energy bills into investments in your buildings. For governments, this means limited budgets can stretch further, putting taxpayers' money where it really counts. For all building owners, more modern, efficient energy systems can increase your property value and improve marketability of your buildings.

Improvements Without Sacrifice

Energy performance contracting allows you to tackle energy efficiency projects now even if no funds are available. This means you can still afford improvements when faced with budget cuts or competing priorities. And, with energy performance contracting, you can take a comprehensive approach that will optimize your benefits.

Cost Savings

New systems and equipment can lower your energy costs. Many building owners see energy savings of 15 to 35 percent and also reduce their long-term maintenance costs. You keep all the savings once the equipment is paid off, plus any excess savings during the contract term.

Proven Technology and Expertise

Since the late 1970s, performance contracting has become a widely accepted and reliable way to make energy improvements. Lionshead Energy uses industry-standard practices and proven energy-saving technologies and have excellent track records for satisfying their customers. We offer financial incentives to make sure savings are achieved throughout the contract term.

One-Stop Shopping

Performance contracting offers a streamlined approach to making facility improvements because, with a single contract, you can tackle multiple energy-efficient projects throughout your facility, rather then doing one project at a time. Lionshead Energy can provide a full range of services and continue working with you once the projects are complete to ensure that you get optimal long-term energy performance.

  1. Solutions to fit your company
  2. Reducing your operating expenses
  3. Increasing your profitability
  4. Expressing smart energy choices


"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous contractors and energy consultants. Once such company Lionshead Energy, stands out in my mind as a leader in their field. I would recommend them without hesitation."

– Paige, Co-Owner, Long Island City, NY

"The installation and energy savings have exceeded my expectations. We are proud to be the owners of a Solar PV System…your honesty, integrity, and professionalism was first class."

– Nick, Business Owner, Queens, NY

"I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking solar or energy efficiency services - Lionshead Energy is run with integrity, skill and an expertise in the industry."

– Alexander, Environmental & Structural Engineer, Rockland County, NY