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Lighting Systems and Services

Lionshead Energy brings over 35 years experience in the lighting industry, through a strategic alliance partnership. Our expertise is customizing the design and installation of “state-of-the-art” energy efficient lighting systems into commercial buildings across the USA. Since the early 1980's, our alliance partner has installed or converted numerous existing commercial systems. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions convert into millions of fixtures, in over 1500 "turn-key" projects.

Lionshead Energy takes responsibility for all aspects of lighting projects. Beginning with investment grade audits and analysis of existing lighting systems and their ancillary costs, to generating easy to understand computer models forecasting the effect our conversion will have on a range of factors, including, but not limited to, energy load reductions; impact on HVAC costs; ROI, IRR; life cycle costs and Net Present Value, and payback projections. During the course of the project, Lionshead’s extensive knowledge and experience with the consequences that lighting has on interior/exterior environs, provides the opportunity to correct outdated design deficiencies and lighting elements, ensuring the converted space is superior in every way. Our installation crews are constantly schooled in the latest conversion techniques, and professionally supervised to ensure that the execution of the project is a safe and positive experience for all concerned.

Lionshead Energy offers a variety of third-party financing packages to qualified customers, using only a portion of the savings generated by the lighting conversion to pay for the entire project. In most cases, that amount is enough to effectively generate a positive cash flow. The net effect: customers actually pay themselves for having installed a "state-of-the-art" lighting system without making a financial investment.

Additional Benefits

  • The new T5 & T8 fluorescent lamps have a 50% higher CRI (Color Rendering Index). As a result, the lamps generate considerably less glare, which greatly reduces eye strain to the individual, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, health and morale. In essence, a more productive, more comfortable working environment for everyone.
  • The 20Mz electronic ballast is "matched" to the lamps, allowing the system to operate up to 25,000+ hours, with "lumen maintenance factors" in excess of 90%, and the elimination of “lamp flicker” and strobe associated with conventional fluorescent systems.
  • Where applicable, Lionshead Energy installs a proprietary optical grade reflector system. This allows us to increase efficiency even more, by reducing the number of lamps in each fixture with NO compromise to light levels, photometrics, or aesthetics in the converted space.
  • Each component of our installed systems is UL Listed. Our lamp/ballast combinations typically carry a manufacturer’s warranty of five years for the ballast, and three years for the lamps.
  1. Solutions to fit your company
  2. Reducing your operating expenses
  3. Increasing your profitability
  4. Expressing smart energy choices


"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous contractors and energy consultants. Once such company Lionshead Energy, stands out in my mind as a leader in their field. I would recommend them without hesitation."

– Paige, Co-Owner, Long Island City, NY

"The installation and energy savings have exceeded my expectations. We are proud to be the owners of a Solar PV System…your honesty, integrity, and professionalism was first class."

– Nick, Business Owner, Queens, NY

"I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking solar or energy efficiency services - Lionshead Energy is run with integrity, skill and an expertise in the industry."

– Alexander, Environmental & Structural Engineer, Rockland County, NY